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Whatsapp Plus (Whatsapp+) is an enhanced version of the original WhatsApp. It is fully loaded with awesome new customizations like creating your own theme for one, which are not found in WhatsApp. As the name suggest, WhatsApp Plus, it is Whatsapp original version and PLUS some.  So lets talk about WhatsApp Plus in detail so that you can learn what’s different in this WhatsApp and whether it is suitable for your needs.

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Difference Between Whatsapp & WhatsappPlus

  • Ad free
  • You can customize the interface to suit your own style
  • You can apply a pre-downloaded theme or find a theme in the theme section on Whatsapp plus
  • Hiding the online status (remember that feature on that…what was that websites name again? Oh, yeah Myspace. That option was great to hide the fact you were spending looooong hours creeping profiles, ha 🙂 ) However, this is a PLUS donation application that needs to be paid for through the play store.
  • Next you will find in the menu a “PLUS” option and this is where you will find all the best features of WhatsApp Plus. You will get all the options to customize any part of the WhatsApp plus here from the chat screen to the contact screen and lastly to the notification icon.
  • FAQ is another cool feature where there you will find the common questions and answers to the many questions most new apps receive.
  • Update button allowing you to choose the option of having the Whatsapp plus automatically update or you could manually update.


If you currently use the original Whatsapp then you will want to back up your old chats. To do this you will need to go to you Menu>settings>chat>save conversations then simply uninstall the Whatsapp original and install Whatsapp plus to unlock the door to newer and creative features. P.S you don’t have to root  your Android.

Everyone loves Whatsapp because you can send and receive messages at no cost but sometimes ‘we’ greedy little humans want that service PLUS more!

Note: If you have a Whatsapp and want to keep it along with the addition of the PLUS you must know that Whatsapp have been suspending some accounts that are using the PLUS because using third-party applications goes against their terms and conditions–just saying.


The Whatsapp plus comes with over 2k built-in themes that you can sift through to find the right theme for your interface.

You can send images and videos in files greater in size than you previously could and without ruining the quality of the content. And let’s not for get to add the one single tick feature–if you read the message you now have an option for the sender to be unaware that you read and ran. Hey, sometimes you just don’t have the time to reply back right away but you were too curious about what the message was (what if it was an emergency? Finding it’s just a “what are you up to? and you were pre-shower you can leave it “unread” 🙂 ) Hey my time is precious and I hate when somebody text messages me and says “I know you read the message why are you ignoring me?” Uh, I was in the middle of something but wanted to make sure it wasn’t too important… do you have me by the balls? 😉

Download the Whatsapp plus now people! You will be happy you did.

Download Latest Whatsapp plus apk Here

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