Download Whatsapp Latest Version iPhone 6/6plus & Ipad

Thanks to the forever evolving technology smartphones have made communicating with friends and family members so much easier. A simple quick text and picture can keep you updated in their lives even if you’re living 20 states away from each other. Telephones were too restrictive and even cell phones (pre-text messaging) was not that convenient because calls could come at the wrong time. Smartphones allow us to text when it is most convenient for our busy lives while surfing the internet. We take it for granted but being from the 80’s sharing one phone for a 5 person household was not ideal to manage a social life.

Let’s go a little deeper in the advances in the way we communicate with our loved ones, shall we?

Whatsapp new features for voice calls. Download the lastest whatsapp for iphone6, 6 plus, and Ipad

Whatsapp made it easy to text all over the globe for free and while having a fun interactive interface and while making it easier to share videos and music. Now there are a large variety of devices and software to download this APK to, which also means different ways to install. Most sites will share how to install just on an Android but here on BuzzCritic we will take it a step further and explain, well, all of ’em.

We will explore iPhone 6/6 plus/iPad/iPod/PC leaving you all a better Idea on the how-to-process. Lets roll.

How to Download WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS

So simple even my mother can do it (she just learned how to text 😉 Isn’t that cute?) as you just go to the app store or launch iTunes search for the name Whatsapp in the search bar and bam! It should be the first messenger app that shows up and you simply tap on it and click “get” and wallah. I hope I wasn’t too self-explanatory.

There are no jail-breaks needed just grab the app and download it.

  • You will need to have your phone running on iOS8 in order for this app to work with your phone and you can do this through the settings menu
  • You can hide the last seen stamp by going to your settings>chat settings>Advanced>and click the last seen feature off. Give yourself some privacy.
  • If you do not want the images that you send or are sent to you stored in your personal camera roll then you can go to settings>privacy>photos>switch off for the whatsapp
  • Want more privacy? Lock your Whatsapp. You will need to download this feature called the “Whatsapp Lock” app and create a pin or password that nobody can figure out. Think One upper-case letter, one special character, one number and make the phone operator spin in a circle singing I love lucky charms. 🙂 Kidding. Just don’t use your birthday or the same pin as your debit card, haha!
  • You can change your number without having to uninstall and reinstall. Open the app>settings>account>change number icon>enter old number>add new number below old number>Click finished and you will have to verify this number then all the data will transfer to the new account phone number.

iPad & PC & iPod

Having a larger interface to play your favorite games is a pretty cool option to have and your battery life will last much longer than your smartphone would considering playing games on your phone devices eat your battery quicker than a walker chewing on your players arm in “The Walking Dead No Man’s Land” game. I love that game by the way it is really addicting so do check it out if you are a fan of the AMC hit show. It is rather difficult–unless of course you’re using a game hacker. I’m not using a hack for the game I kind of want to test out what my whittle brain has to offer me in terms of problem solving and player/weapon management. 😉

Back on topic. You will find out that the authentication fails on a regular basis on the iPad/iPod/PC–very frequent which means a pain in the gamer behind every time your app crashes.


Download Latest Whatsapp apk Here For your Iphone & Ipad


Download Latest Whatsapp apk Here For your PC

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