Finding The Best Impact Driver For The DIY’er

Perfect impact driver for the DIY'er - Bosch bare tools

Own your own constructing/contracting/remodeling/plumbing company? If you answered yes then you will know that with this type of business time is money. You can’t waste valuable time with tools that just don’t have enough stamina to get the job done fast and with top quality results. Another thing is that you don’t want to have to search high and low for these tools when managing a large construction company. Bosch has a new click and go system that is sure to put your companies time and money at the top of their priority.

Storing all these tools together clicking each box together in professional stacking will induce productivity for all jobs. Let’s all get a bit more organized with the click and go system and fumbling for your tools will become a thing of the past.

Most drivers are not really suitable for working with lug nuts but the Bosch 25618BL 18 v 1/4 inch hex impact driver you can work with wheel lug nuts as this tool has adapters allowing the convenience of using the best impact driver without the need of purchasing an impact wrench.

If your tool doesn’t use lithium-ion batteries then you have an outdated model or you bought a tool from a company that doesn’t care about innovation or increasing the battery life productivity for their customers. Lithium-ion batteries can extend the lifespan of a battery up to 2x. That’s something to write home to mom about.

This tool has so much power you can remove old jammed up screws without it stripping off the head but do use the speed trigger activation because this baby can drive hard and if you don’t need that much oomph you could end up damaging your work.

The enjoyment folks get knowing that they can efficiently drive 2 1/2 to 3 inch screws into 2×4’s all day without having to pre-drill the holes–time management at its best! When using an impact driver versus a drill or hammer drill you will not get constant power which means that the bit won’t pop out of the screw (common complaint with drills) thanks to the impact motion. The power will be on and off a few times during just one second.

Furthermore, with a plethora of cordless drill reviews on the web, you can read countless testimonials of home owners and pros getting the most from this impact cordless driver. It’s a win win, from my point of view. Keep on reading…


  • LED light
  • 25% more compact than it’s competitors
  • Faster speed with a lot more torque RPM 0-2800, 1500 in-lbs of torque


Q – Will the carrying box hold more than just the tool?

A – Yes! The box is equipped to carry the tool, the charger, the batteries with just enough room to spare for your tools bits. Very roomy.

Q – Does this model come with speed control settings?

A – If by speed control settings you mean a button that controls adjustable speeds then no. If you’re asking about variable speed settings then yes. It is a trigger activated tool which means the more pressure the more power the light the tough the less of the kick the driver gives.

The Verdict

I really like the storage capabilities this tool comes with if you need a bulk supply of tools, however, if you’re just buying this driver for one person to use then I think it could use a little bit more features to make this tool more attractive.

It is a powerful tool but the Bosch IDH182-02L may be more suitable for the lone ranger type worker as that tool comes with amazing features including a built-in intelligent technology cell that will prevent your tool from overloading or overheating.

Again, this is a powerful tool and definitely worth the inquiry on it especially for a foreman of a large company that are trying to stay more organized.