Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT71-S Review

If you’re looking for the best electric shaver that delivers the “wow factor” then stop reading this article and search elsewhere. With that said, this shaver doesn’t need all the tricked out features to give you want you really want and that’s a fast and smooth shave for the right price.

Often times manufacturers don’t have a product that can compete with other brands and so what they do is they add “special features” to help their shaver to stand out from the crowd while distracting you from the main goal—a great shaving experience.

The Panasonic Arc 3 delivers a great shave without all of the propaganda. That’s why the Arc 3 found its way on our reviews page because it’s worth mentioning.

With its much lower price tag than it’s fellow Panasonic shavers, the Arc 3 incorporates just about the same technology you would get with the Panasonic Arc 5 minus the extra 5th blade and the extra 1,000 cycles per minute speed feature.


Your battery can go from zero to full in just one hour and it is loaded with a 5 level indicator that lets you know where your battery charge life stands in 20% increments—I must mention—the Arc 5 has a similar charging system but instead of 20% increments it displays in 10% increments—Whoopty do!


This shaver does come with it’s own cleaning system similar to the newer Panasonic models but to save money on the cleaning detergent cartridges you can just remove the head and rinse under water but do try to clean the shaver every few days with the cleaning system to keep everything running at top performance.


Not ideal for men with thicker beards if you have a thicker beard opt for the Arc 5 series as it comes equipped with a 5th blade.

Not too much to say about this shaver in a negative way. It works competitively with its own brand minus a couple features as mentioned earlier. You wont get extra blades but it still has the fast linear motor without the extra 1,000 cycles per minute that the newest model has. Not a bad thing if you’re the type that feels too overwhelmed with intense speed.


This shaver leaves little to no skin discomfort. The motor on this shaver is much faster than other “top of the line” models out there aside from the Arc 5.


Before the Arc 5 came along I would have said this model was the top shaver out there it can still be the top model if you don’t need 4 or 5 blades. 3 blades has gotten a lot of men a smooth and fast shave thus far, so all in all this is a terrific shaver with a smaller price tag thanks to missing the wow features that other models need in order to strive amongst the best of the best.

Kudos Panasonic. Here’s another notch for your belt.