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Whatsapp really doesn’t need to be introduced because for a while now they have dominated the APK world utilizing the best chatting application for all mobile platforms. The newer version has added some cool new upgrades like having an option to click unread on a message.

Download the lastest Free Whatsapp messenger download

You also get your chat and media to be backed up with google drive and you get individual notifications for each person on your contacts list you just need to go to settings>chat and calls>backup to enjoy this feature! Holy crap batman this sounds good.

Another neat feature is their new starring system. So you can tap and hold down any message that is your favorite so that it will be easy and quicker to find later on kind of like a bookmark and to enjoy this feature you simply look for your starred messages by clicking the Chats tab>Menu>Starred messages.

Requires an android to be at least a 2.1 and up. You can call friends and family members that reside in another Country for free which may make the .99 yearly fee (free for the first year) seem worth it but from what I’ve been reading I do believe they will be omitting the pesky subscription fee because a lot of the younger users don’t have access to a credit or debit card.

The group chat feature is pretty nifty when you want to have a media type family reunion or a group session for a school project.

So lets break it down more clearly what exactly this Whatsapp 2.12 419 APK entails:

  • OFFLINE MESSAGES– Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages for you when you go back into the app.
  • Quick access to your contacts and this eliminates the need for a username that will be hard for the people in your address book to recognize you. Not all of your friends know that your alias online is ToBeNumba1_83 haha! 😉 Lets keep it simple with the real names like John Doe.
  • You will always be logged into the app so you don’t miss messages. This feature may not be a favorite for all that like the feature on the PLUS version to where you have the option to be online during incongnito mode.
  • You can send voice messages and multi-media videos and photos.

You really need to beat your friends and family to this download first–instant bragging rights, so download the newest version of the Whatapps 2.12 419 APK today!

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