Tubemote APK Download Latest Version 2016


Being able to broadcast videos from your own channel is a very in-demand feature. There are so many movies, music and videos people would like to see and listen to and have a one-stop shop is an ideal resource for many viewers. What is even better is watching it on a big screen interface.

Free Tubemote APK download updated version

Online Channel

Uploader meets downloader giving you the power by having your own online channel at which gives you the means to broadcast streaming from places like DailyMotion, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook for free. Gone are the days of monthly cable bills. When you have millions of playlist to choose from and an ability to transfer these online resources to a television or smart TV.

It is so easy to share a video to your own online channel. Think of your Android as a remote control where you can do all the work and adding videos to your playlist straight from this “remote” Android. This service is web-based so no need for WiFi and people can watch your videos in real time. It is free and can be shared easily on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What Comes with the App?

  • Volume toggle (control the volume to the program being watched straight from the android/tablet)
  • Quality control (you control the resolution dial for what you want which also allows for resolutions greater than what a computer currently can hold)
  • Playback controls (think TiVo but better)


Is this Tubemote APK safe?

Yes, if you download it from a verified site. Make sure you have a secure security program if you are unsure of it’s source because there are plenty of infected versions out there trying to plant viruses.


You have the ability to watch different videos from your own playlist at the same time. You simply sign on through your browser and transmit a unique Tubermote URL and a video will broadcast to all browsers that the unique URL is pointed at through your channels domain.

All you need to do is download this app to your android and you are free to begin creating your own online channel through your Android and enjoy the convenience of having this built-in remote to control the big screen interface for your free movie, music, entertainment enjoyment.

So if you were ever thinking that it would be very difficult to manage your own online channel think again my friend because the Tubermote APK download will have you up and running in no time at all–while doing it free. You choose what you want to stream, you choose the resolution the remote is in your hands. Turn your ordinary browser into a remote control and ditch the mouse and keyboard.

Free tubemote download

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