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Are you looking for a fast way to download videos from the YouTube platform? Also, would you like to surf the web, watch other videos while at the same time your other videos are being downloaded? Yeah, I thought so and TubeMate is one that provides all of it and more. The most popular downloading software is back with its latest version 2.2.6.

tubemate 2.2.6 latest download free

Mp3 Conversion Mode

Are you just looking to bypass the video content and download the audio? The Mp3 conversion allows for you to grab audio clips for when you just need background music ditching the actual content behind.

Video Uploading

You can now upload up to four videos simultaneously whereas the limit was set to two videos before and while being able to control the videos resolution. For private use only do not use this downloading app for commercial purposes as that is forbidden and repercussions are likely if you don’t follow their terms and conditions.

If for some reason you lose internet connection while in video download mode the TuberMate will resume its download as soon as the internet connection is back on.


The bugs that caused issues before have now been eradicated greatly improving the apps performance. Showing ads in your alert dialog section has been fixed plus eliminating the ads located on the downloading screen. The invisible white icon in the notification section is no more as well.

Having the downloading stop at just two videos is no longer an issue as I mention previously, you may now download up to four videos at the same time. There were issues with the playlist not downloading correctly and that has been debugged. Lastly, the issues with Dailymotion, Galaxy (chomium issue), HTML 5 (Vimeo) have all been improved. You are going to enjoy this latest version.

TubeMate Features

  • Download from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo etc.
  • Built-in media player that instantly plays video and music
  • Create and download your own playlist
  • Multiple download option
  • No root will be needed now that you are without the lucky patcher
  • In-App updater for MOD updates
  • All ads removed
  • Analytics crash reporters have been eliminated
  • You may download videos at its maximum size
  • Save videos to personal YouTube account

Tubemate 2.2.6 latest download with features

Top Tubemate Questions & Answers

  • How to Install?

For 4.0 Android users and Windows 7 you will want to just connect your device directly to your computer you will find it under removable drive. Click on removable drive and copy the APK to an accessible folder.

3.0 and 2.3 Android users will need to download the file directly from their mobile site as this way is much easier.

  • Can I access my videos when I lose connection?

If you lose connection you will have access to your local copies as this app downloads your personal YouTube videos to your device to watch later.

Many improvements have been made to what was already an awesome downloading app. TubeMate just decided to keep making the best even better. With all the many other apps available for the same functions I still see that TubeMate is still one of the top especially now that the previous bugs have been debugged and how you can download videos in any format you choose.

One last thing to point out. The app merges with YouTube’s suggested and related videos and you can share your favorite videos through email or social media. What are you waiting for? Download this baby now and get those videos downloaded.

Download TubeMate Here

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