Tubemate 2.2.6 APK Download Free Latest Version 2.2.6 ApK

If for some odd reason you don’t already have the Tubemate 2.2.6 APK download, then get it. If you already have the previous version upgrade it now. The Tubemate 2.26 APK is the fastest growing app around gaining tons of new users everyday and for good reasons.

Having the ability to download your YouTube videos in any format you want making it to where you don’t have to continuously go in and out of YouTube to watch your favorite videos is so convenient and what is even better is that your battery will not drain as fast as it would if you were watching the videos from Dailymotion, YouTube etc. The latest version fixed all the annoying bugs the previous version had like the videos not downloading the way it should. I’ll go into the fixed bugs further into this page. Right now let’s dive into the specifications and added features.

tubemate 2.2.6 latest download free

Tubermate latest version 2.2.6 Apk is here

You can search and view all the YouTube videos you want along with downloading them. If you only need the audio you can convert it to an mp3 format which is great if you just need audio for a power point presentation or a background for an independent documentary you’re making (who’s not making a documentary these days?) all without having to deal with the full content. This APK would’ve been ideal to use for a school assignment I had where I got stuck using Audacity and had a helluva of a time.

Inbuilt media player allows for you to listen to your music instantly and your videos while creating a playlist. Also no root will be required since you will not have to worry about the Lucky Patchier and the videos can be downloaded at its max size of 2k (QHD), 720p (HD), 1080p (full HD), 360p, 480p, 240p, 3gp when assisted by the 60fps.

iPhone, iPad ios

Seems like everywhere you look Android is getting all the APK love. I will share with you how you can install Tubermate 2.2.6 apk for your iPad and iPhone (5, 5s, 6, 6s), and iOS (9/9.18.4.) Let’s check out the process below.

Step 1: Open up your iTunes

Step 2: Go find Tubermate YouTube download in the apps

Step 3: Then install and wallah you will be joining many happy Tubermate 2.2.6 apk users

Windows 7 PC: Have Bluestacks software installed first

Step 1: Download the Tubermate APK

Step 2: Download the Tubermate straight from

Step 3: Lastly, and more importantly, open the apk  with the Bluestacks software



Latest updates 2.2.6 APK

  • You can download up to 4 videos simultaneously whereas before there was a 2 video cap.
  • The playlist will now download the way it should as before it wouldn’t download properly
  • Dailymotion will not be an issue with this update
  • Invisible white icon bug has been fixed
  • Vimeo HTML issues have been fixed
  • Alert dialogs fixed
  • Advertisements in the download section has been fixed
  • Galaxy issue with Chromium is fixed
  • The downloading process stopping after just two video downloads have been fixed

Download the Tubemate latest version 2.2.6 (645) APK Now

So if you used to be a Tubermate user and uninstalled it due to the bugs previously mentioned go get that APK back into your life again because the 2.2.6 latest version of Tubemate is a problem no more! If you never had Tubemate and the older problems didn’t have a chance to leave a sour taste in your mouth go get this APK and bring it into your life you will love it and if you’re a current user go get the updated version 2.2.6 (645) Tubemate APK. Did I say “go get” to much? Don’t care–go get it! 🙂

P.S don’t forget to comeback and see us for when the version 2.2.7 is available.

Download TubeMate Here

Free tubemote download

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