PlayTube Download Free Latest Version Play Tube.apk 2016

Are you wanting the option to have background music playing as you’re offline taking care of other tasks? Then download the PlayTube free latest version apk of 2016 right now and begin doing just that.

What is so awesome about this app is the fact that you can download the song and it will be instantly cached into your history so you will not have to worry about listening to your favorite songs without internet connection or WiFi. Plus forget about your battery dying as you can listen to YouTube play without having to have the screen on and if the video has already been stored into your playlist watching on your phone without WiFi definitely saves your battery life big time.

Playtube apk free download for android and ios

You’re basically getting YouTube and Pandora merged together to form this one amazing app platform. Download the PlayTube Free Latest Version apk 2016 today! You will not be disappointed.

PlayTube Apk Download free

Don’t forget whenever you are in a dead zone or forgot to pay your internet bill every song and video that you have ever watched can still be watched.

Download PlayTube apk Free App

Here are the devices that PlayTube Apk can support.

  • Android w/OS version 4.0 +
  • Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

PlayTube Features:

  • Just search for your favorite videos and music with just a simple keyword
  • Create, rename and manage your playlist efficiently
  • You can also rotate your device for full screen mode
  • Play clips in the background
  • Download speed <1 minute
  • Play music and videos offline once cached through WiFi or internet connection

How ’bout some more features? A modern looking Player with next, previous, pause, play and shuffle buttons, switching over to your next video automatically. You can also enjoy the luxury of keeping the videos playing in a floating window. This app allows for video sharing with your friends so everyone can enjoy the cool features if they don’t have a supporting device.

Why are you still reading this babble hurry up and download the PlayTube APK Latetest version 2016 right now and start watching and caching your favorite videos and music before your internet gets cut off. Haha!

Download PlayTube APK Here

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