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Have you seen the prices at the movie theaters? Heck, I think the popcorn cost more than the ticket. A little exaggeration on the popcorn but what are these Executive’s of movie theater chains thinking? Don’t they know most of their profits came from High school teenagers that make minimum wage at some fast food joint. Or the family of 5 that now need to take out a loan to enjoy a crappy movie while stepping on milk duds that stuck to the floor (Okay, who’s the idiot that would drop their $5.00 box of milk duds?). Well because of their greed consumers can go elsewhere. In the comfort of their own living room and for free where they can snack on milk duds and popcorn that they paid $1 each for at their local drugstore.

Movietube 4.4 download for: Android, Iphone, Windows, Pc, Ipad & Mac

Movietube apk updated 4.4

Do you want to be able to search any movie or T.V show you want? How about any movie that is brand spanking new? I’m sure you’ve answered yes to both and let me tell you something else…you ready? The quality will not have to be sacrificed in order to enjoy this amazing free luxury. You don’t have to deal with the movie shaking or the lips and sound being out of sync. Movietube has updated their apk to the 4.4 and all the previous bugs have been eradicated.

T.V shows

The Movietube will promise to have all the major box office hits right at your fingertips. What’s more is that if an episode of your favorite show is about to air they will will set it in the T.V schedule section the day of it airing as a custom reminder to watch.

Box Office Movies

Just like the T.V show section there will be a box office one. If the movie is hitting the theater’s that month they will place it into this section and prepare you with an upcoming link for this movie. What other websites do that? While letting you stream in HD.


Aside from the endless supply of movies (what were those numbers? Oh yeah, over 40,000 movies and close to 1,000 shows) they can be watched without ads!!!! I don’t know about you but before discovering this hidden gem If you wanted to watch a new movie for free you’d have to deal with nasty pop ups (I don’t need to explain) which is crazy awkward sitting with your kids trying to watch the minions movie ripping parents out of their seats to hit all the pop ups like you’re playing duck hunt (I’m giving away my age on that one). This Movietube 4.4 will happily allow you to enjoy these free movies free of awkward moments. Movie night can now commence.

The interface is extremely user friendly, if you ever scrolled through Netflix you will be able to navigate through this site just fine. The newest movies and shows scroll under “suggested for you” type of way Netflix does so even if you weren’t thinking of a particular movie you will see the suggested scroll and think “oh yeah, I did want to see that” pretty neat. Also you can select “like” and it will store your favorites in your “my account” section

Movietube apk download latest version 4.4

What devices can download MovieTube APK?

Android/Mac/windows and the install is a simple process and it is not found on Google play. Download from here tap on the app once you see the Movietube icon and the installation will begin. Just remember that once the install is complete that you make sure to select the country you live in otherwise the app will need to be reinstalled. So thank me tonight when you’re watching 2015 Star Wars for free with your cheap box of $1 theater candy from the local drugstore.


MovieTube APK 4.4 Download


MovieTube APK 4.1 Download


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