Hotstar Go Solo Download Free for Android apk

Hotstar Go Solo is an app that will deliver you free entertainment with no out of pocket expense. Developed by Star India Pvt Ltd. You can download the full file version here or just get the Hotstar Go Solo 4.2.3 version directly from Google Play.

This app gives you a large variety of movies, shows, and sports right to your smartphone. I’m talking about full-length television shows and not short teaser clips. You get the most recent movies and you get to watch your favorite sports LIVE! There is no registration involved nor any sign up fees–again all of this for no money out of your pocket.

Download the latest version of hotstar apk movie app for android

Why so many are Downloading Hotstar Go Solo App

Over 10 million users are currently enjoying this application and are waiting for you to join them. Let’s not forget to mention this one really cool feature, you can watch your videos even when you’re out of network, which means if your internet or WiFi is acting screwy there will be no interruption to your viewing status. The Hotstart Go Solo beat out its competitive giants in the app industry–yes, they beat out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all Google apps–earning lots of bragging rights. 10 Million installs in 40 days is not something to take lightly because you know you’re dealing with a really great app especially if it beat out the big names previously mentioned.

Be the first of your friends (unless all your friends are part of that 10 million) to have this download and you will have an instant conversation starter for that chic (or dude for you ladies) you’ve been eyeballing in class (or work).

This app can handle over 7000 variations of operating devices and variety of screen sizes and what makes this app so dang popular is the fact that they thought what the consumers wanted and instead of wanting to inflate their own piggy banks–free with no hidden charges.

Hotstar go solo apk free download


I should disclose something that has been reported. Because of the high volume of downloads this app is currently receiving (seeing as how they are the top trending app), users have been experiencing some freezing or a dark screen showing up after the update, so just clear your cache and the problem will resolve. Don’t worry about that bug because that will all calm down and fix itself once every one gets this amazing app.

Go solo or go home–just kidding, but seriously download this baby!

Requires: Android 4.0+ File Name: Hotstar-Go-Solo.apk download Version: 4.2.3 Developer: Star India Pvt Ltd.


Hotstar Solo App Download Version 4.2.3

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