Fallout Shelter APK Download latest Version Fallout Shelter.apk 1.3

Are you interested in playing a game that is more addicting than angry birds? How about you download Fallout Shelter Apk 1.3 latest version. I will apologize in advance for your lack of social interactions because you will not want to put this latest version down to do something silly as…you know…talk to a live person face to face, who needs that type of interruption? Download the fallout shelter apk 1.3 latest version now.

Get the Fallout Shelter app and the latest version is fallout shelter v1.2.1 apk mod and start gaming now

I love the walking dead game no man’s land for its apocalyptic survival doomsday thing its got going on and now I can play the same type of apocalyptic style game minus the zombies ripping people apart. This Fallout Shelter APK latest version download is a game where they take the movie “Deep Impact” and the game the sims and merge it together to create one awesomely addicting survival game. Do you have what it takes? Find out now and download the latest version of Fallout Shelter Apk right here!

New Features of Fallout Shelter 1.3 APK

  • The introduction of pets! Yes, that is correct Fido can now join you into the vault where a man needs his best friend to survive the apocalypse.
  • You can evict lazy dwellers that are not pulling their own weight.
  • The conversation dialogue has been improved so you can enjoy better social interactions (on the game not real life since you can’t put the game down 🙂 )
  • There is a “sell all” option instead of having to go tap crazy to sell your excess inventory stash
  • Management has finally been improved to where overseeing projects are ran a lot better unlike in real life
  • Vault-Tec certified has seen some improvements and optimization

Operating Systems Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You will be happy to know that you can enjoy all the benefits of the newest version of fallout shelter 1.3 on your android, iPhone and iPad. Here is a more in-depth breakdown on devices that can be used.

  • iPhone 5 + newer models
  • iPad 3 +
  • iPad mini 2 +
  • The game has been optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models and the iPad Air 2.
  • Runs on iOS 7+
  • This game does not support devices with only holds 512 MB of Ram which includes the iPhone 4s, iPod Touch Generation 5, iPad 2, iPad Mini generation 1.


More Features with the latest version fallout shelter apk 1.3

The supplies have increased in their capacity. The water, power, food, stimpacks; redaways, inventory space have all been increased. You can also level up faster on rush success, rush emergency event success and mission awards can be claimed.

This game is so dang fun and gets you mentally prepared for surviving a real apocalyptic episode–well, not really, slight exaggeration but it is still incredibly fun with plenty of extra ways of being interactive–so fly away angry birds the dwellers in the vault have more to do than toss rocks around. It’s time to survive or get sent to the wastelands as soon as you download Fallout Shelter apk 1.3 latest version you will not be disappointed. Download Now and tell your friends all about this latest version and to come here for their chance for survival.

Download Fallout Shelter APK 1.3 Here

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