Amazon App Store Apk Download Latest Version

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper where you partake in their prime membership or have one of their store cards you might as well add their Amazon App Store APK download to this list. After Google Play, Amazon comes in a close second in having the largest application market for Androids. Their great reputation alone should be enough for you to want access to apps through their user friendly interface.

You can download millions of apps, books, products and watch videos while still enjoying the customer service that is provided on their main website along with sharing and reading reviews. And by downloading the underground app you will be given enhanced features that are not found with their basic Amazon store app. These features include 10,000 dollars worth of free, yes I said free apps (in-app purchases can be downloaded for free), games with unlimited upgrades and lives on each game (which means no more manipulating the calendar and clock to score lives quicker 🙂 ). You also have access to search and compare prices on products of interest while making purchases through a secure app source.




I’ve got to stress a couple serious cons with this underground app. First of all, the permissions that are needed to get the full potential from this app is kind of on the “big brother” side of the spectrum. Check out this list of permissions that are needed.

  • Access to contacts (whaaaaa? but I think this is for sending gift cards to friends and family easily)
  • Camera permission (no biggie, most apps ask for that and this features allows for scanning barcodes)
  • Microphone (This should only be necessary if you plan to use the speaker phone option–most don’t unless you have Parkinson’s disease etc., and have trouble typing)
  • Location (convenience store delivery service?)
  • Storage
  • SMS text messages permission (Okay, what now?)
  • Access to phone status (this may be just to switch off the app automatically to allow for incoming phone call)

These app developers should be a little bit more transparent in their reasoning behind such evasive permissions but most if not all only are so evasive to make your experience a lot better to enhance functionality. I wouldn’t worry that they use this information to target at you for potential customers or find out who you were texting at 2:20 a.m 😉 They may have better things to do than to read about that weird thing you like. Moving on.

Even though most won’t like the access to microphone I find that it will be useful with their option to tap on the microphone icon to ask for tracking of a package instead of having to manually go into your open orders to locate the tracker then click the tracking. Tap icon say “track package” and bam–instant info.

If you received any amazon gift cards from birthdays or Christmas etc., you can use the camera to scan the gift card instead of having to enter the never ending gift card claim code located on the back. Simply scan and the balance is applied.

Q & A

  • How can I get this app on my Galaxy Tab?

This app doesn’t support tablets. Only Android phones, Kindle, and Blackberry. However, the option to support tablets will be coming soon.

  • What is the minimum operating system?

Android 3.0

If you can learn to deal with the excess in permissions needed you will discover this app is very useful. The amount of free apps and in-apps is truly amazing. The permissions needed is really to make this app fun and helpful for everyday amazon shoppers. I like it, I think you will like it, now the last thing needed is for you to download it.

Amazon App Store Apk Download Latest Version

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