New Steam Machine to Challenge Next Gen Consoles

The Steam console, a new entertainment system, developed by iBuyPower, challenges the suggestion that sophisticated living-room PCs will cost consumers far more than a games console. iBuyPower’s Steam Machine will be sold at the same price as Microsoft’s next gen Xbox One, but about $100 more than flagship Sony’s PS4.

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Panasonic TX-L24X6B Review

Panasonic has had a great 2013. It’s had a string of five-star verdicts, and now it’s got another one. The Panasonic TX-L24X6B is a fantastic TV. And it’s not just about the looks and performance; it has an embarrassment of features. Unsurprisingly, it also costs a lot. But is it worth it?

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Meridian unveils £1200 Prime Headphone Amplifier

Meridian has taken the wraps off of its new Prime Headphone Amplifier. The Prime comes with analogue and digital inputs in the form of stereo, 3.5mm and asynchronous USB connections, allowing you to connect a variety of sources.

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The Dexter Bobble Head is Coming

Dexter can be found weekly on Cox Cable TV. When I first heard the premise of the (now very popular) show, Dexter, I thought “This thing will never make it.” First of all, what the hell is a “blood splatter expert?” It sounds just obscure enough to be a real profession. Now, that alone will…

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Castiv Guitar Grip

Why does the Castiv Sidekick Guitar Grip exist? Because as any of you who have tried reading tabs of their laptop while playing along to a song can attest, it is not very easy. Feature Highlights: * Easy to install and use * Works on acoustic, classical and electric guitars * Does not affect the…

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Can You Live Without First-Person Shooters?

I recently found myself in a rather interesting video game-related conversation. My friend and I were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, and he asked me if I could live without first-person shooters. It was an interesting question that I didn’t answer so quickly. I thought of a world without first-person shooters. I imagined the…

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Win a pair of Whooga boots

Win a brand new pair of Whooga boots by signing up to the newsletter. Also make sure to take advantage of a special coupon for BuzzCritic readers 10% off for the next week: 574BUZZ all at

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Marshall Headphones

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